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Welcome! Thank you for visiting my website. Here you'll find news about my new newly released fantasy novel The Crimson Script, as well as short stories that I have written. If you're a fan of fantasy, sci-fi and character-driven stories then this is the place for you! My book is now available on Amazon!

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Abys-Luthil is a city that stands upon the brink of civil war. Its halls of power darken with growing plots, and rival gangs terrorise its aged streets. Criminals raid stately homes in search of arcane artifacts, as the city's nobles withdraw behind their household guards. 

Within this city of masks and deceit, Lyra Alpheri moves between the shadows, hunting those who would prey upon the weak. By day she returns to a life of civilised nobility, as the daughter of the renowned magister, Maellon Alpheri. Aided by her friend Kat, and the master of the arcane forge, Virgil, Lyra swiftly brings justice to those who plague the streets. However, it is not long before the political upheaval of Abys-Luthil's scheming magisters brings trouble to her own home, and after the very fabric of her world is ripped from under her feet, Lyra descends into the city's depths to wreak a terrible vengeance.          

In a journey that runs thick with blood, betrayal and otherworldly power, Lyra walks the darkest of paths, one which soon tests mind, body and soul. But, as the bodies mount, is Lyra in danger of becoming the very evil which she so desperately fights against?  

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The Crimson Script 
Chapter 1.

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Space Supernova

Short Story - Resist

A captive with nothing left to lose faces a terrible decision...

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Hello there! As a long time fan of all things sci-fi and fantasy I have always enjoyed sharing stories of epic adventure, plucky heroes and scheming villains. I hope that this page will be a place where I can share some of my various caffeine-fuelled scribblings.

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